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Protecting the Countryside

Midleton Hillwalking Club fully complies with the Farmland Code of Conduct in order to protect the countryside and environment.

The Farmland Code of Conduct:

  • Respect farmland and the rural envoirnment.
  • Do not interfere with livestock or property.
  • Guard against all risks of fire.
  • Leave all farm gates as you find them.
  • Avoid entering farmland containing livestock.
  • Always use gates, stiles, or other recognised entry points.
  • Take all litter home, do not leave any trace of wrappers, fruit etc. It can be easily disposed of on completion of walk.
  • Do not pollute water supplies.
  • Take special care on country roads.
  • Avoid making unnecessary noise.
  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees.
  • Take heed of warning signs, they are there for your protection.
  • If following a recognised walking route, keep to the way-marked trail.
  • Do not block farm entrances when parking.
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